Atropos  encaustic and mixed media 2009

I am participating in the Midday Gallery 1969-2009 ARTiversary  May 30-June 15, 2009. The opening reception is May 30th, 12pm-5pm, 8 North Dean Street, Englewood, New Jersey. This exhibition is part of the Englewood Spring Gallery Walk, May 30-31, 2009. I am exhibiting the series Moirae, The Three Fates. Greek mythology describes three goddesses, Moirae as having control of birth, life and death. Clotho the spinner, who spun the thread of a life. Lachesis the apportioner, who decided the length of a life. Atropos the inevitable, who clipped the thread of life. Visit my website www.marybethrothman.com to preview the series.

I’ll be at the reception on May 30th, hope to see you there. 

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