While I’ve continued to work on Biographical Annotation (see 9.25.09 post) encaustic and mixed media portraits, 36” x 40” x 2”, I have decided to include a portraits triptych in the series. Creating this 40”x 108”x2” triptych has been an exciting and challenging journey that has kept me happily awake in the middle of the night.

Typically when I paint a series, I work on three or four paintings simultaneously to insure that they communicate a sense of visual and narrative continuity. In this new work I found the dialog of a triptych to be more intimate and nuanced than a series. The palette and imagery must be stimulating, not overpowering or redundant and describe the narrative as a whole and individually. As the weeks go by, I have been shifting, juxtaposing and fine-tuning the mixed media elements of this triptych and I can now see a visual map emerging across the three panels. Below are some small details:

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