Thursday, September 13, 2012 was the opening of  c’est quoi la femme? at Tria Gallery  NYC.  It was a great night to be in Chelsea. The Gallery was overflowing throughout the evening with the Chelsea crowd, artists and friends.                                                                                                                   [youtube]

Video from by O’Delle Abney

Joanne Mattera, Lisa Pressman, Christine Aaron and Krista Svalbonas

I will be exhibiting in c’est quoi la femme? at Tria Gallery with Katheryn Holt, Jean Grangeon, Lauren Bergman, Keun Young Park and Koosuke IRKT Ikeda through December 8, 2012.

Left:  Koosuke IRKT Ikeda,   Lauren Bergman,   Marybeth Rothman
Left: Jean Grangeon,         Right: Marybeth Rothman
Far left:  Catherine Holt,  Koosuke IRKT Ikeda,  Keun Young Park,   Marybeth Rothman                   I need to get a better photo of Katheryn Holt”s painting.


Along with my mixed media portraits, I created a box that asks the viewer to answer the question, What is the question that you want someone to ask you? As a follow up to my recent blog post, Identity Project, this interactive piece has so far, collected many weird, wonderful and thoughtful questions that I will be weaving into my new work.

box: encaustic and mixed media, 22x6x2″                                              Marybeth Rothman

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