The Poet’s Encampment: A Conversation

THE POET’S ENCAMPMENT: A CONVERSATION The Poet’s Encampment is a conversation among human figures, abstract forms and other echoing counterparts. These disparate images both inform andcatalyze one another, engendering an evocative dialogue sometimes between the animate and inanimate, the part and the whole or the far and familiar.  One can find […]

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The Hobby Horse Literary Guild

The HOBBY HORSE LITERARY GUILD The Hobby Horse was the first African American book store in the United States, established in Harlem in 1930 during the Harlem Renaissance. This rich intellectual and cultural period in African American history occurred in the Harlem borough of New York City during The Great Migration. From 1915 […]

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BYSTANDERS The Bystanders are freestanding, full figure portraits with archival pigmented print, encaustic and mixed media on both sides. One side contains a fictional biography.

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