Yesterday I delivered three pieces from my new series, Bystanders to Lanoue Fine Art on Newbury Street in Boston, MA. This is the first time that I am showing these encaustic and mixed media sculptures. This work and several other portraits from my series  Pilgrim Lake Library Committee and Francis County will be in Lanoue Fine Art’s June exhibition Lights, Camera…Click: Photography in Contemporary Art along with the work of Eric Zener and June Stratton–June 8-July 9, 2012.  I am honored to be newly represented by this wonderful gallery and look forward to my first exhibition next month.  I hope to see you there.

Susan Lanoue photographed me in the window with my Bystander, Byron Chattlebash next to Robin Luciano Beaty’s work.

From left to right: Bystanders Petra & Byron,  me and Susan Lanoue.