If you are an artist, you should get to know Alyson B Stanfield aka Art Biz Coach.
The other day, while excavating the debris of many months of intensive studio work preparing for my summer exhibitions,  I found this wonderful list, 15 Steps to Take After Completing an Artwork written and blogged by Alyson B Stanfield. In another life, I will be more organized, or my galleries will get together and gift me with a studio assistant. For now I have the weekly newsletter from Alyson, that pokes and prods me to have a better studio practice. I have on occasion taken some of her online classes, which have been very helpful.
The following is my Mid-Year Resolution:
15 Steps to Take After Completing an Artwork
by Alyson B Stanfield, Art Biz Coach
Finish the Details
– Sign it.
– Add the date.
– Make an identification card for the back or base.
Document It
– Record details in your inventory database.
– Have artwork photographed.
– Name image files according to your standard.
– Add the image to your inventory record for that piece.
– Resize images to three or four standard sizes that you use most often.
– File a copyright claim at http://copyright.gov if this is part of your practice
Tell People About It
– Blog about the work.
– Edit text from your blog into a descriptive sentence that you can use on your website or    social media profiles.
– Add the descriptive sentence to your inventory base.
– Upload the image to your website.
– Upload the image to any online sales venues you use.
– Share your newly completed work on social media sites.
Thank you Alyson.


  1. Great reminders thanks Marybeth

  2. My pleasure, Marybeth! Thank you for sharing this. I’m so glad you found it useful.