The Understudies now showing at Lanoue Gallery, Boston, MA and Frederick Holmes & Co Gallery, Seattle, WA

I am introducing a new direction in my studio practice with The Understudies this month in Seattle at Frederick Holmes and Company Gallery and  in Boston at Lanoue Gallery.  I have expanded my studio practice with The Understudies to create images that are solely “photographic”. As a nod to Robert Rauschenberg, whose work has inspired and captivated me for most of my adult life, I have borrowed his notion of combines. Rauschenberg’s “Combines” are a hybrid of his painting and sculpture. They are neither a painting nor a sculpture. My new work, the Photographic Combines, are neither a photograph nor a painting, but a visual hybrid of the two.
While I am very excited and pleased with the results of this new work, I have continued to make my photo collage, encaustic and mixed paintings. I will always need to get my hands dirty in the studio.                                                                                 LANOUE GALLERY 450 Harrison Avenue, #31, Boston, MA                                                                                       FREDERICK HOLMES AND COMPANY GALLERY 309 Occidental Avenue, South, Seattle. WA










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